Apache Kafka Administrator

  • Salary

    $130,000 - $140,000 Per Year


5 to 10 Years

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Nov 11, 2022


Long Finch Technologies

Travel Requirements


Job Overview

Required Skills

  • Apache
  • Kafka
  • ELK
  • Linux
  • RHEL
  • NoSQL
  • AWS

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Work Authorization



Las Vegas, NV

Job Description

Specific responsibilities include: 

  • Manage large scale multi-nodes Kafka cluster environments residing on AWS and on-prem OpenShift platform.
  • Handle all Kafka environment builds, including design, capacity planning, cluster setup, performance tuning and ongoing monitoring.
  • Perform high-level, day-to-day operational maintenance, support, and upgrades for the Kafka Cluster.
  • Creation of key performance metrics, measuring the utilization, performance and overall health of the cluster.
  • Capacity planning and implementation of new/upgraded hardware and software releases as well as for storage infrastructure.
  • Research and recommend innovative, and where possible, automate key administration tasks.
  • Ability to closely collaborate with product managers and lead engineers.
  • Provide guidance in the creation and modification of standards and procedures
  • Create topics, setup redundancy cluster, deploy monitoring tools, alerts
  • Proactively monitor and setup alerting mechanism for Kafka Cluster and supporting hardware to ensure system health and maximum availability
  • Perform high-level, day-to-day operational maintenance, support, and upgrades for the Kafka cluster
  • Provide technical expertise and guidance to production support.


Job Requirements    

  • 5+ years of solid Kafka Admin experience in managing critical 24/7 applications
  • Design, build, assemble, and configure application or technical architecture components using business requirements.
  • Hands-on experience with Kafka clusters hosted on ROSA in AWS and on-prem K8 Open Shift platform
  • Experience in building Kafka pipelines using Terraform, Ansible, Cloud formation templates, shells etc.
  • Experience in implementing security & authorization (permission based) on Kafka cluster.
  • Aid System Administrators with setting up Kafka platform in provisioning, access lists Kerberos and SSL configurations.
  • Experience in setting standards to automate deployments using Kubernetes, Docker, Chef or Jenkins
  • Experience in open source and confluence Kafka, zookeepers, Kafka connect, schema registry, KSQL, Rest proxy and Kafka Control center.
  • Experience in Kafka Mirror Maker or Confluent Replicator
  • Experience in High availability cluster setup, maintenance and ongoing 24/7 support
  • Establish best practice standards for configuring Source and Sink connectors.
  • Hands on experience in standing up and administrating Kafka platform from scratch which includes creating a backup & mirroring of Kafka Cluster brokers, broker sizing, topic sizing, h/w sizing, performance monitoring, broker security, topic security, consumer/producer access management (ACL)
  • Knowledge of Kafka API (development experience is a plus)
  • Knowledge of best practices related to security, performance, and disaster recovery.
  • Ability to concentrate on a wide range of loosely defined complex situations, which require creativity and originality, where guidance and counsel may be unavailable.
  • Demonstrate a product mindset with an ability to set forward thinking and direction.
  • Ability to synthesize large amounts of complex data into meaningful conclusions and present recommendations.
  • Ability to maintain a positive attitude while working with high demands and short deadlines that leads to working after hours.
  • Must have excellent communications and interpersonal skills



  • Experience with Oracle Streams and/or another real-time streaming solution is a plus.
  • Experience in setting up Prometheus/Grafana or ELK monitoring tools is a plus.
  • Experience as Linux (RHEL) /Unix administrator is huge plus.
  • Experience in PostgreSQL, SQL Server, No-SQL (Couchbase), Oracle, and AWS Cloud is a plus.
  • Understanding of or experience supporting .NET / Java application.
  • Understanding of or experience with Programming languages like Python, PowerShell, etc is plus.

Job ID: LF221410

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