Sr. Project Management Associate - I

  • Los Angeles California

  • Post Date: Jun 09, 2020

Key Skills: Project, Management, Project Manager, Systems, Scripts

  • Domain: Information And Communication Technology
  • Job Type: Full-time

Job Description

•Provides support to Project Manager to maintain and track various project activities including:

 Timelines, budgets, action items, clinical trial materials requirements, resource plans and other project documents.

•May manage selected routine sub-projects.

•Participates in project and relevant departmental meetings and activities.

•Conducts routine internet searches and assembles information and documents as necessary.

•Posts and maintains routine information to online databases and shared folders as necessary.

•Identifies routine issues that may adversely affect a project and reports this information to the appropriate project manager.

•Assists project management associates in following- up on relevant routine departmental or project issues. Assists with routine project budgeting and resource planning.

•Follows up with sub-team members or working group regarding progress on routine action items updates and deadlines.

•Generates and maintains routine tracking and reporting tools as needed to provide input to the project teams, sub-teams or senior project management personnel.

•Generates routine reports utilizing various resources as required.

•Works with members of sub-teams and working groups to facilitate efficient workflow.



•4+ years of relevant experience and a BA or BS or; 3+ years of relevant experience and a MS or MBA

              •Relevant experience consists of work in a scientific field or equivalent experience in association with R&D project teams and/or in cross-functional project management                 activities

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